An initiative of Rotary Club for district Begusarai to arrange blood for the needed person. We are dedicated to reach out to the community and serve the mankind when in need. Rotary Blood Bank launches online platform to make availability of blood donors. On our website there are options to ask for blood for needed person and the donor will diretly contact them.

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"Whatever We Do,
We Do With Love"
- Director Desk

Sri Dinesh Tibrewal took an initiative to provie blood for needy person. Being of a loyal member of Rotary Blood Bank he took initiative to help people of Begusarai district to arrange blood. He is dedicated to reach out to the community & serve the mankind when in need. Rotary Blood Bank launches website & mobile app platform with options to ask blood for needed person. Donor will directly contact them.

The Latest & The Best
Technology For
Blood Collection .

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We recongnize the meaning of helping and we do help .

Our Mission

To make the best use of contemporary technologies in delivering a promising web portal to bring together all the blood donors in India; thereby fulfilling every blood request in the country.

Our Vision

To pave way for a safer and better tommorrow for blood donors and the patients. We wish to be the real hope of every Indian in search of a voluntary blood donor.

Your blood donation is very
important for patients.

The Rotary Blood Banks has invested in the most sophisticated Blood Banking equipment and have highly qualified staff to run the Blood Bank.

Blood is made up of different components and, invariably, a patient needs a transfusion of just a particular component. Utilizing whole blood is wasteful, and sometimes even undesirable. It is now the standard practice of all modern blood banks to separate blood into components and ensure the optimum utilization of this precious resource. Whole blood has cellular components comprising red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles, platelets suspended in plasma solution (liquid plasma consisting of water, electrolytes, albumin, globulin, coagulation factors and other proteins). It is needed when both red cells mass and total volume must be restored, as in massive hemorrhage.

What are Red Blood Cells,
Plasma and Platelets.

Red Blood Cells

The majority of donated blood goes to people with cancer, as well as people who have suffered traumatic accidents, burns or who undergo surgery.


Plasma contains very important proteins, nutrients and clotting factors which help to prevent and stop bleeding. It is required in bleeding patients with coagulation deficiency problems secondary to liver disease, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, Factor V or Factor IX deficiency.


Platelets are used to help clot the blood and seal wounds in surgical and cancer patients. Leukaemia and chemotherapy treatments can reduce a patient’s platelet count. They are needed in cases of bleeding due to severe thrombocytopenia and prophylactic therapy.